Troubleshooting TV Signal Problems

There are many different causes for televisions having a bad signal identifying the problem is the first step, here are some problems and symptoms your TV may be showing;

I have recently bought a plasma TV and there are black dots appearing on the screen is it a problems with my signal?

There is a selection of reasons this could be happening one is because the person that installed your TV held the TV up by the screen whilst fitting wires in the back or some one fell into it's screen, the screens are very sensitive and mustn't be touched at all if possible. There is also the possibility that it is caused by the sun as with laptops and small plasma TV's they can easily be damaged by the sun, however, the large plasma screens that are used for TV's are a lot more prone to damage as they have a larger surface area. Although if they are little black dots all over the screen then it is possible the pixels are just dead in this case it will be the manufacturer that will have to replace your TV for you. There is no way that this is caused by a weak or bad aerial signal, unless the dots were white and the picture fuzzy.

My TV seems to have a lot of problems receiving digital TV signals, is there anything I can do to improve this?

It is not uncommon for you to find that in your area it is difficult to receive a strong digital TV signal. There are solutions to this problem the most affective being installing a high gain digital aerial, this has many more elements on the aerial than a normal analogue aerial. This means it can pick up signals from a greater distance and if you are able to pick up a signal but is broken up at times it can stop this from happening. Things you do have to take into consideration are the fact if your aerial only fails during extremely bad weather then it may well not be a fault with your aerial as the signal sometimes become broken up during bad weather, so firstly establish that is not the case.

I have free view and after having switched my TV off at the mains when I turn it back on I seem to have lost channels that are available to me, is it a fault with my aerial and what can I do to get them back?

Well you would have to start by unplugging your box and leaving switched off for 10 minutes or more, when you switch it back on it should ask if you want to scan for digital or analogue channels. If you start by letting it scan for analogue channels this usually takes around 5 minutes. Once this is completed it will either prompt you to search for digital channels, if not follow the manual to your machine to find out exactly where you need to go to get that command. The scanning for digital channels can take any where between 5 – 10 minutes and once complete the channels you lost should be back again.

Although TV may have got more advanced than ever there are still problems occasionally but there is usually a solution no matter what the problem.