Testing your TV Signal

With televisions one of the things that may be most annoying for those who are yet to get digital is when your signal is bad or faulty as it affects the quality of your picture greatly. However, there are products on the market to help you with this problem both solving and diagnosing here are some products that are available;

Signal booster - This device uses a medium gain amp with low noise and has proven in most cases as very effective at improving the picture stability and quality in locations with a weak television signal. All you need to do is plug your booster into the right hand plug socket in your wall, this is so the connected fly leads, which plug in to ports on the side of the device, don't obstruct the other plug socket, then connect the external aerial followed by the fly leads there are some brands that can hold more than one fly lead but there are basic ones that only have space for one. They are simple for you to use because they simply plug in and you connect your TV's fly wires directly into it.

Signal Booster KitTest signal generators (and the tests purposes) - A test signal generator generates test patterns, and also other useful test signals to the TV, for troubleshooting and analyzing different television systems. These devices are generally intended for offline use, test patterns are not usually broadcast, unless a station is not operating correctly or are off the air at that time, as they output complete television signals. Examples of signals output by such a product include:

Before getting a test kit for your TV you will be best to get a professional to check what the fault may be with your television, unless of course you know enough information for you to do so yourself.